Company History

Company History

Hi, I’m Chris Doyle, owner of CD Construction.

I worked for a number of different carpenters for l0 years, prior to starting my own business in 1994. The majority of my “apprenticeship” experience, approximately 7 years, was spent learning framing which is generally accepted as the hardest carpentry discipline. The average size house I worked on as a framer was about 5,000 sq. ft. and up to 12,000 sq.ft. and consisted of multiple roof lines, octagon roofs, round roofs and very complex house designs. I then spent about 3 years learning other carpentry skills in the remodeling side of residential carpentry such as trim, siding, roofing, windows, decks, sheet-rock and hardwood flooring. I was fortunate to learn from a few highly skilled carpenters who took pride in their work and along with carpentry taught me a strong work ethic.

In 1994 we started in business doing siding for “Sears”. They were not able to keep us busy enough, so after about 6 months, I started selling my own work. We started out doing small jobs, siding, decks and slowly over the years progressed into larger ones, such as additions, whole house remodels and new spec homes. We have even purchased and renovated a few distressed properties which we rent for cash flow. We still do carpentry jobs of all sizes, especially for repeat clients, and pride ourselves in bringing new ideas to the table and making clients homes better than they thought possible.

I understand that clients are always concerned about quality at a reasonable price, which I believe we deliver through a thorough knowledge of the cost of various materials and the proper installation techniques. We have been shopping price and quality ourselves for a number of years in our suppliers, our subcontractors, and even our architect that we work with on a regular basis. This allows us to keep ourselves busy and our customers happy. We are a small shop specializing in all phases of residential carpentry and we only run one crew and only complete one job at a time. This allows us to keep costs under control with low overhead and clients happy with very personalized service.

If you have questions or concerns about any aspect of your job (be it suppliers, subcontractors, scheduling, or changes you would like to make) currently being worked on or completed long ago, you can call me and get me on the phone immediately. You are not, lost in the shuffle, past down the line, or given the run around. Our goal is to have referrals, recommendations and repeat business, from every client I’m on the job every day, leading the crew, trying to make that happen.

Watch this video to view some of our work and history: