Drywall Repairs and Small Renovation Installations

For homeowners and contractors who don’t have the time or the expertise for this part of the job

Screw holes in the wall? Plumbing leak? Dog chewed on the walls or your child hit it with a baseball bat?

Or are you a do-it-yourself home owner renovating a kitchen or closing off a window who needs help with the finishing touches?

Many contractors don’t want to be bothered with the small drywall repairs. And while most people can paint, not everyone can spackle. What to do?

You could try to repair your drywall yourself, but…

Do you really want to risk cutting a wire or a plumbing pipe? Despite what YouTube videos make you believe, making your wall look flawless again is tricky and requires skill and experience.

You need to know how to set your screws, what corner tape to use and how to apply different layers of spackle so that there are no cracks later. That’s why a DYI drywall repair can cause even greater damage.

Let us help.

We repair your drywall in a jiffy

Licensed and insured, we specialize in small drywall repair and spackle jobs. We are fast, clean, efficient and reasonably priced.

Drywall repair jobs we do:

  • patching drywall cracks and holes of any size in walls and ceiling
  • fixing water damaged drywall (for example, after a plumbing or roof leak)
  • repairing drywall damage left after removing wallpaper or plumbing or electrical renovations, and more.

We can complete many small repairs, paint-ready, with no sanding in 1-2 hours, clean up included.

Our clients couldn’t be happier

Chris repaired the drywall in our kitchen and basement and walked us through every step. His work was clean and quick. Our walls look brand new now, you won’t notice a thing. We definitely recommend him to anyone looking for quality work.

Marisol H., Pearl River, NY

Our family has had an excellent working relationship with CD Construction for over 20 years. Our recent project required some significant drywall work done. Chris was able to install the drywall, apply the spackle and sand. The work was perfect, the wall looked like glass.

Francesco P., New City, NY

Get a FREE estimate now!

Text us the pictures of the damage to get a free estimate right away.
Tel.: (845) 288-1442

What happens after you contact us?

Chris Doyle, CD Construction
Chris Doyle, the owner of C.D. Construction (aka “Master Builder”)

Hi. I’m Chris Doyle, the owner of C.D. Construction. When you call our number, I’ll personally pick up the phone to answer all your questions.

I can give you a free estimate right away if you describe the drywall damage or send me the pictures with your smartphone.

If we agree on the price, we’ll schedule an appointment to come by and do the work. In an extreme rare case when upon arrival it turns out it’s more work than we’ve anticipated, we’ll discuss any price change before starting the work.

You’re just one call away to making your walls look flawless again. And if it’s pride that’s holding you back from getting in touch, you don’t even need to tell your significant other. It will be our secret.

Get a FREE estimate now!

Text us the pictures of the damage to get a free estimate right away.
Tel.: (845) 288-1442