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Whether it’s your kitchen, your bathroom or your entire house: We can renovate or remodel it.

Interior home improvements:

  • Moving or removing walls
  • Kitchen renovation or remodel
  • Bathroom renovation or remodel
  • Basement renovation or remodel
  • Installing new flooring, trim and built
  • Refacing stairs and installing new railings, etc.

Exterior home improvements:

  • New siding
  • Roofing decks and porches
  • Replacing or installing new windows
  • Replacing or installing exterior doors, etc.

Kitchen Renovation and Remodel

Did the paint start to peal off your old kitchen cabinets? Is it time for a new induction cooktops and a bigger dish washer? Or would you like to remodel your kitchen to resell your house for a higher price?

Whatever you have in mind for your kitchen, we’ll be happy to help by:

  • installing new cabinets, new countertops and new kitchen appliances
  • exchanging the splashback tiles
  • improving or adding plumbing, wiring, heating and lights
  • painting your kitchen
  • upgrading your flooring
  • moving or removing walls
  • moving existing or adding new windows and doors
  • adding a breakfast bar or a cooking island, etc.

Have a look at some of our kitchen remodeling projects.

House Remodel and Renovation

Whether it’s your bathroom, your basement or your entire house: We can remodel it.

A larger home improvement project done at once will usually cost you less compared to doing smaller jobs one at a time over the course of 10 years. Plus, it can be your opportunity to modernize your home and put your personal stamp on it without having to move or paying additional taxes.

Have a look at some of our house remodeling projects.

Project “Sloatsburgh”: Renovation and Remodel

September 2017 / Sloatsburgh, Rockland

New kitchen, new windows and expanded the deck just in 6 weeks.

During this project, we removed a wall between the dining room and the kitchen, relocated the sink and installed new cabinets, countertops and kitchen appliances. We also installed 3 new windows and a new French door, and expanded the existing deck.

Excellent work. Quality carpentry. Clean, reliable and honest.

Luis M., Sloatsburg, NY

Project “Hillburn”: Bath remodel

June 2017 / Hillburn, Rockland

A larger new master sweet with two built-in closets and a new bathroom in just 7 weeks.

To create a larger master suite with a bigger new bathroom, we removed 2 walls in the kitchen, moved another wall, removed the old and installed the new bathroom. And would you look at these custom built-in closets!

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