New Home Construction

Preliminary Considerations for Building Your new Home

Building a new home is a major undertaking, often times it represents a life long dream and quite possibly the largest investment in many people’s lives. The initial planning phase can go a long way towards this undertaking going as smoothly as possible and greatly limiting surprises.

Many people have a vision of their new home that may or may not include the following; the style of house, the neighborhood they would like to live in, the property or land the house sits on, and last but hopefully, not least, the builder. For some clients the priorities of this list is very different than for other clients, and even within the list itself the priorities can vary greatly. Here we will discuss each one of these headings and some sub headings briefly, and how they can effect your vision for your dream home.

Style of house: is your dream home a ranch, a colonial, a capecod style, a bi-level,or a contemporary? These 5 represent some of the most popular styles in our area. All these homes have advantages unique to there design .

The Ranch is typically one floor living it can be easier for handicapped or elderly people to move around as they head into their retirement years, others consider it an easy house to cool in the summer.

The Colonial, of course, is probably the most sought after style wise, many people include this in there wish list, it is at least two stories of living not counting the basement and there are many different style s of colonials themselves – farmhouse, tudor, traditional, to name a few.

The Capecod is really a ranch style home with a very tall, steep roof. This style lends it self more easily to adding rooms upstairs within the existing house envelope, and many people prefer the look of a steeper roof.

The Bilevel is widely considered the most efficient use of space, it is two story living with the first floor being on a slab. The first floor might also be partially buried below grade.The style is usually typified by the front door being 1/2 way between the first floor and the second floor height wise. However there is also a new hybrid of this style called the Bilonial it has the front door level with the first floor it can be a nice compromise for someone who does not necessarily have the budget for a full colonial but is still trying to go for the look of one .

The Contemporary.  You can have a bilevel contemporary, a colonial contemporary or even a ranch. The style is typified by multiple rooflines with soaring peaks however the individual roofs have rafters only on one side, think of multiple shed roofs pushed together from different right angles. This is a style that came around in the late 60’s and is still quite popular today.

How Important is square footage to you?  Some people consider 1800 sq. ft a large home, while others would be happy in 4,500 sq. ft. How about upper end amenities?  Would you prefer stainless appliances, marble tile and a large Jacuzzi tub? Maybe this is more of a priority to you than a large house and of course you can put these nice upgrades in an 1800 sq. ft house. Some people desire both sg ft. and amenities and if you have the budget and it makes you happy than why not . Would you like your new home to have a full basement, a deck, a fireplace, a front porch, a garage or perhaps a detached garage?

The Neighborhood; this could mean a specific town or street or it could just mean a type of town or street. You may want to live close to family you may want to live far from family. A certain school system may appeal to you. Or perhaps living on a dead end or quiet street is important to you. Maybe you like a neighborhood where the houses are not so close together, which leads us to…

The Land; i.e. where your house is going to sit or live, hopefully for the next 100 years plus. Your land, or lot, once again could be large or small.  Do you want to have horses or do you want just enough for a house and you would rather not mow that much lawn. It may come with water and sewer or you may have to put a septic system and or a well in. Did you get a good deal on your land because it has a large amount of rock that has to be excavated, or maybe it has a high water table that wont allow you to put in the basement you wanted, or maybe you didn’t do your perk test prior to buying and you can not even put the septic in you need, so now you can’t even build on it. Do you want a relatively flat piece of land or would you rather be on a hill?  A hill could lend itself more to a walk out basement and or a garage underneath the house. These are all things you want to keep in mind when you go shopping for land.

The Builder There are many different types of these also, believe it or not. Do you want a builder who can tell you he has built 500 homes in the last 5 years? Chances are he never even walked into one of them. Do you want a builder who does a 1/2 dozen a year and supervises from his home in sunny Florida? Or do you want an active hands on builder / carpenter who takes pride in doing one house at a time and producing a high quality product for a reasonable price? A builder who you can find out on the jobsite every day and ask questions of, who can hold your hand and walk you through what for some is a scary and exhilarating process.

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