Trim & Molding

Trim and Moldings the Finishing Touches

Trim and moldings, while really not an expensive part of your home remodel or house construction percentage wise, can go a long way towards influencing the look and feel of your house or a particular room.

Some people consider this a form of decorating or interior design, but this really falls into the realm of carpentry. Trim, whether it is inside or outside the house, its sole purpose, is not always just aesthetic. There are times when it has a structural purpose for the house.

The casing that is nailed around the interior perimeter of windows and doors, when done properly, helps to keep these same windows and doors straight and true. Crown molding, frieze boards and dentil molding, when applied outside can be used to hide some types of soffit vents or some might have the vents incorporated into there design itself. Crown molding and other creative trim applications inside, can be used to hide a variety of soffit lights and under cabinet lights.

Most people are familiar with the basic trims you can find at your standard home center. Which is usually, your 2 1/2″ colonial style or ranch style casing and 3 1/2″ base mold of the same types. These minimalist styles became popular, with the housing/ baby boom, soon after WWII and are still widely used today. However lately, in the last 20 years, there has been somewhat of a movement towards a return to the wider casings and base molds and crowns of yesteryear. The advantages now a days are that you can buy many of these moldings pre-made in one piece. Where as in the olden days you would create these large built up trim details, by doing just that, building them up, with multiple layers of smaller trims, now it is not so labor intensive to get that look.

The products out there at this time are almost endless and it is not just wood any more, they have synthetic trims for exterior applications that resist rot, bugs and decay, along side pre-primed trims that make it easier to paint, next to, of course, clear grades of pine, oak and poplar if you want to stain or just clear coat, if you really like the natural look. Quite often you can buy matching crowns and other moldings from your kitchen cabinet manufacturer in the same wood species as the cabinets, pre-finished, and many times your trim carpenter installs these with your cabinets and vanities and this can allow, all the trim to be finished seamlessly, at one time.

Other trim options to consider are, coffered ceilings, chair rails and picture rails. All these can be used to dress up one , or multiple rooms in your house. There is also a large number of choices in wainscoating , materials and styles and application techniques. Used alone or in conjunction with other molding options , can really create a dramatic dining room, hall , foyer or entry way to other rooms or other parts of the house .

We do trim here , at CD Construction, and we know quite a few tricks to make it look right and stay tight over the long life of your house. If you have the need for this type of carpentry service , or any one of the many others, we offer please don’t hesitate to call, we’re here to help you.